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Digital Services

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As a student at the University Rovira i Virgili you can enjoy the services offered by the URV, once enrolled.

Generally, 24 hours after completing your first enrolment in the University, you can access all digital services (intranet, email, Virtual Campus, electronic magazines, wireless network, etc.), as long as you accepted the use regulations of information and communication technologies (TIC) at the URV.



In order to have all the digital services you have to access to the intranet. To enter, you must follow the following steps:

http://www.urv.cat → Intranet

Each student will receive a unique user name and a password, which are the following steps:

Access to new students

The initial user name is your identification number (DNI, ID, passport).

Example: 11111111-A

The initial password is your date of birth in the format DD-MMM-YY. 

Example: 02-MAY-78. Month MMM may be (GEN, FEB, MAR, ABR, MAI, JUN, JUL, AGO, SET, OCT, NOV, DES). Remember to put hyphens between the day, month and year. 

Access for students that are currently enrolled

The username and password are the ones you use to enter the digital services of the University (intranet, email, Virtual Campus, electronic journals, etc.).

Change of Password

Once you have entered the intranet, you can change your password using the link in the section Network Services → Change Password.

If you cannot access the intranet or cannot remember your password, follow the link that you will find in the initial page of validation of the intranet to restore it.



The communications between the administration and students of the URV should be made, whenever possible, via email. In these cases, use the institutional email address you are assigned.

Through this mail you will also receive all the institutional information.

To gain access follow the following path:

  1. Access to Intranet Services → Network Services → Email
  2. E-mail

Once you are in the mail screen, at the upper right hand, you'll see the email address that has been assigned to you (name.lastname1@estudiants.urv.cat format, except for coincidences).

You can also configure your client email and mobile devices to receive this inbox.

The volume of inboxes are in accordance with the user profile.

Moodle. Virtual Learning Environment (EVA)


The Virtual Learning Environment (EVA), Moodle URV is a work environment in Internet service that serves to support teaching and university orientation.

To access Moodle, users of URV must use the institutional username and password to access the institutional network services URV.

For access you must follow the URL http://moodle.urv.cat or follow this path:

  1. Access to intranet →the Virtual Campus
  2. URV Campu

Once you have Moodle, you have access to the virtual classroom of each course you have enrolled and to electronic tutorials, which is a work and meeting space with your degree tutor.

Despite having assigned all the virtual courses and tutoring electronic space in Moodle, it is possible for the space to appear as "not available to students" when you try to access it due to the fact that the availability is regulated by intervening professors and therefore, it does not correspond to any technical procedure.

During the course, any official change in your personal information, as well as your registration will be reflected in the EVA in 48 hours after the modification.

The email address that you have been assigned in Moodle is institutional and cannot be changed for a private address; therefore, all institutional information will arrive by this system.

For any problem or consultation about Moodle, please contact suport.moodle(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat

Virtual Secretariat


Via this information you will be able to consult the different status of your transcript.

To access you have use the following path:

  1. Access intranet
  2. Virtual Secretariat

Student Card